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Eridium is appropriately named after the ancient precursor race that utilized it, the.They will have 9mms and nightsticks, although they will not use their nightsticks.There is an available pistol in the room on the right, at the far end of the hall.Buy the house in the Carlton Heights area (near the Go Kart Track).

They board a convenient platform beneath the operational ship and have a throwdown with Robotnik.Use the Left Analog-stick to steer yourself left or right or slow down.You will need a police vehicle to get the guard to let you in (and avoid a three star wanted level).If you cannot find one of tem on the streets with hydraulics, take one to the Loco shop.After 20:00, jump in and you can go on burglary missions until sunrise.Along with the discovery of Eridium,, a by-product of refining Eridium, has been used for weapon manufacture due to its unique properties.If you start shooting, all the cops will act like the people in the shop, and curl up scared.You should be in the Los Santos Inlet area if you look on the map.

Note: To find the oysters faster, get a Sea Sparrow (which can land on water).The breaking point came when the dingoes unleashed a nuclear strike.Follow the balcony half way around and you will find a two player mode icon.There is a chain gun on Point Kinclad (big red train tracks in San Fierro).Be very careful not to touch her, or the guards will start shooting at you.Soon after, the invaded the island and destroyed Echidnaopolis while establishing a new version of Cave Canem.

It also controls better in turns when compared to your original lowrider.Look closely in the background to see action figures of the main character from Manhunt, James Earl Cash.

Note: This only works with this building and two-wheeled vehicles.Sometimes the police will be eating there and they will shoot at you immediately.

Go to the bottom of the water at the end of the island in Flint county.While playing the game, press Y, Up, Right, Down, X, Black, R.

Take all fifty snapshots in San Fierro to get a sniper rifle, Micro SMG, shotgun, and grenades to appear at your San Fierro garage.Bring the four crates that area in the back of the warehouse to the front and place them closer to the warehouse door opening, on either side.Just before the radio station starts, quickly press White or Black to switch weapons.The Bullet is located in the parking lot right across from the entrance.To get infinite ammunition for this or the other weapons tiers, repeatedly enable the code until no ammunition number appears beneath the gun pictures.Also, turn off the vibration option on the controller to help keep your hands steady while on the tracks.

If you do not have a gun out, they will try to beat you with their nightsticks.Bunny hop onto the hood and you will launch yourself in the air.If you drive up and down that wall, you should fall through the ground.Buy a car from imports and use the crane to get the car off the ship.To make this easier, just take a plane there and parachute out.Get a plane and fly all the way to either the southeast, southwest, northeast, or northwest of the map where the ocean is found.

While playing the game, press Left(2), Down(2), Up(2), X, B, Y, R, Black.You will not lose any fuel after your model airplane has landed.Once you are done exploring, drive back into the water or swim back.Do not go too fast though, or you will lose Pulaski and fail the mission.When you enter the warehouse, use the forklift and carry two boxes at a time.This should be easier than doing it in Los Santos, San Fierro, the desert, or Las Venturas.