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The set functions smoothly and is in good cosmetic condition.

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These were found on many Martin slot head style 17 and 18 guitars during the teens and 20s.These tuners were most commonly found on the Martin 00-21 in the post war years, and in the 60s on the 0-16NY, 00-21NY, 00-21, D-18S, D-28S and D-35s.Set 463: 1950s Kluson individual tuners with plastic buttons as found on Martin style 18 instruments.

I frequently have the opportunity to acquire sets of vintage guitar and mandolin tuners.

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These tuners were found on many style 0 and 00-17 Martins during the 50s and even on some style 18 guitars of the same sizes.The tuner plates show a little corrosion but would likely clean up well.

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Set 442: 1960s Waverly slot head tuners for 12 string, these tuners were found on a variety of brands but most commonly on the Martin D-12-20 and D-12-35 in the 60s and 70s.All of the parts are original including mounting screws and bushings.Mid 1930s Waverly strip tuners for solid headstock as were found on some Gibson L-00 guitars.Functionally they are good, there is a little play in the gears that is typical to a set of tuners this old but they do hold.

Though not pictured I do have the original hex bushings and will supply mounting screws (replacements).They are a little dirty but will clean up easily if desired, the plating on the buttons and housing is worn but the look is right for an old guitar.I have not cleaned them, but can do so if the buyer would like.

Set 468: Early 20th century strip tuners for slot head with German silver plating, ivoroid buttons and engraving.Vintage guitar tuners for sale!. These tuners were used on some slot head rosewood Martin guitars but were more commonly found on higher end National slot head.To help you narrow down your choices, think about how you intend to play your guitar most often.Set 491: 1935-1937 Grover G-93 tuners as were found on D-18s in the mid-late 30s (and just about all the other sizes of 14 fret style 18 Martin during that period).piece of woodworking on the headstock at a time when most other luthiers were using slot head designs so that standard. guitars, mostly played by...This set has barrels for solid headstock mount, and used in this manner they were found on some Gibson L-1 and Nick Lucas model guitars, as well as the style 0 Artist model, and also on some Weymann and Vega guitars.The set looks like brass in the pics but it is actually silver plated.Open quick view dialog for Martin OME-Cherry Orchestra Model Acoustic-Electric Guitar.Set 509: 1950s Waverly open gear individual tuners with metal buttons.

"History Of Tone" takes a look the Martin slotted headstock. You can find a slotted headstock Martin guitar here: Martin 12-Fret D-28. fret neck became standard on most steel-string Martin guitars with the exception of. seen on 12-fret slot head guitars,.Open quick view dialog for Martin HD12-28 Standard 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar.Set 475: C. 1935 Grover G-93N individual tuners with off-white buttons.

The mahogany/cedar GC5 is a fingerstyle dream. If you would like to inquire about the availability of this guitar,. Taylor Slot Head. Case. Taylor Deluxe.

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This set came off of a Regal tiple but would be suitable as a restoration set for any brand of tiple from this era.This set was found on several Martin models including the C-1, C-2, 0-17, 00-17 and 0-18.

All original parts, no plating loss or corrosion, no bends, no issues of any kind.Care and Feeding of Your Acoustic Guitar. by Martin Guitar Co. It is important that the pin slot be facing straight forward so the string is properly.We specialize in Vintage Guitars and Rare Guitars. We offer an array of top quality guitars from a wide variety of manufacturers. Check out our online inventory for.

MARTIN 00-21 acoustic guitars for sale in the USA. Vintage Special Order 1972 Martin 00-21 Slot Head Guitar $ 3600 $ 65.0 shipping. 5 days left.These were found on some Gibson L series guitars as well as some Vega flat top and arch top instrument, some Larsons and Weymanns and other quality makes.This set has some light plating discoloration and a tiny bit of surface corrosion on the plating here and there but nothing serious.Open quick view dialog for Martin 00-28 Standard Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar.

These were used on Martin style 17 and 18 slot head 12 fret guitars in the late 20s through the mid-30s.Open quick view dialog for Martin M-36 Standard Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar.Set 480: 1930s Grover G-98 style individual tuner with off-white buttons (not ivoroid).In slot head configuration these were found on some 12 fret Martin style 42 and 45 guitars.This set may have been made by Waverly but they are unmarked, that is speculative, but they have a plate shape and crown gear shape that is common to Waverlys of the first quarter of the 20th century.The set includes a period set of bushings that might be original to the set, not sure.This set is in very good functional and cosmetic condition, no bends or plating loss, all original parts including bushings and mounting screws.

Set 432: 1920s slot head Tiple tuners with all original parts and mounting screws.The set has some very light corrosion on one plate but this may clean up with a little effort.This set was commonly found on Hawaiian guitars during the 30s and 40s, they have a split post with a hole drilled in the center to accept the end of the string (like a strat tuner) as opposed to a hole drilled perpendicular through the side of the post.

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Set 381: 1920s strip tuners for slot head as were found mostly on Washburn guitars but also appeared on some other brands.The tuners show a little bit of pitting and corrosion to the plating but nothing significant.

This set was found on some presentation grade Washburn guitars and I believe also on some high end Larsons.The mounting screws are replacements (not pictured but included). 12:1 turning ratio.