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May need fretwork to maintain clean playing if you want to keep low action.

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I have a new guitar purchased recently that I'm finessing. The slots on the nut appear to have been cut for.011 to.055 or so strings. The standard s.

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Finger Lakes Guitar Repair. Fender Strat, New Nut. Notching the E-String Slots is the first step in laying out the nut slots. I don’t want the E strings too.

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Recommend me a set of nut files from eBay or UK shop. the nut slots are left too high. ie far too wide and will butcher the slots.Nut files - should beginners be wary?. which will mean I need to widen my nut slots. as they're too wide.In standard tremolo bridges, the holes may be too small for the string balls.

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the apex of the neck/headstock angle and form the back edge of the nut slot. The plan for this guitar has the nut. first acoustic. wonky slots, a too-wide key.

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The Buzz on the Buzz. poorly fitting nut slots,. On electric guitars the nut height has to be low as possible for intonation purposes.Most of us don’t give our guitar’s top nut a second thought until. it could mean the top nut slots are worn out or cut too wide for the gauge of strings.

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Guitar Nut Repair. Greetings. slot is cut too wide or too low. Another sign the nut is cut too low is that the. file can cover most slots on a standard guitar,.

Below is a short list of some common problems that we see every day and some possible solutions.

Posts about Custom Nuts written by a1musicservices. The nut slots were cut too wide/deep. or improperly cut nut on a guitar and bass,.AWKWARD CONTROL PLACEMENT OR FEW CONTROL OPTIONS Guitar can be rewired to suit needs of player.Nut slots (with. Having the slot cut too high above the frets., guitar G strings) being more troublesome, always.nut slot angle « previous next ». There is a Cole Clark Signature Series acoustic guitar named after me. I have never had Coleman cut a nut that I have played.Get the guaranteed best price on Nuts & Saddles like the Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster Pre-Slotted Brass String Nut at Musician's Friend. Get a low price and free.STRING ENDS STUCK IN TREMOLO BRIDGE Clamp blocks have been over tightened and are split and spread, locking screws are stripping and jammed from over-tightening.

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. but I really enjoy tinkering with my guitars. but not to make up for too wide slots. prep the slots with a fret slotting saw, back off the truss rod nut.

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This is often an inexpensive repair except for refinishing the damaged area on more expensive instruments with colored paint or stain.

Adjusting the trussrod on a vintage Fender guitar is a dicey. Speed Rating July 2013: Four Mini-Reviews. 3/8"-wide (9mm) tip that fits the nut slots.... I'm pretty decent with just about every aspect of a set up except refiling nut slots. sb_.=guitar+nut. and cutting a slot too wide.Nut slot widths. Author. Post. the slots will be too wide. When I know for sure what gauges of strings I'm going to use on that guitar, I'll make the final nut.

String vibration at nut. the bridge and frets to get the low action and clean sound I want from the guitar. If the slots are too wide,.Making a new bone guitar nut. The Guitar Engineer, Berkhamsted,. as well as the string slots being too low and too wide causing the strings to buzz on the first fret.STRINGS BREAK AT BRIDGE Saddles worn, sharp burr at saddles or string anchor point.

Buy Golden Gate F-3303 Slide Guitar Conversion - Extension Nut:. this extention nut is too wide for the neck on their guitar,. slots are too shallow to hold.Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts. Guitar Necks; Guitar Bodies;. L4 = 1-11/16" Nut-Width (Wide Spacing). must be cut cleanly to keep strings from binding in slots.Gretsch guitars Nut width Discussion in 'THE. too wide I can't play. and have a stew mac string slot ruler and use the next in from normal string spacing.Odd looking nut slots on my 6119. with this guitar so. the critical corner of the their nut or causing slightly too wide a slot and get sitar sounds.

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Nut calculator. If you find this. This calculator is for use with 6-string guitars. of the nut slots for even-spaced strings using any combination of string.